Technological platform
for industrial sustainability
Ecosign technologies offers the pulp and paper market a set of innovative chemical and mechanical strategies capable of effectively and synergistically tackling the issue of industrial sustainability

3WAY - Intelligence-driven treatment

Ecosign proposes to solve the dilemmas of industrial sustainability by combining advanced treatment processes with chemical and mechanical intelligence
<span class="eng">Stock</span> Treatment <span class="notranslate port"> de Massa </span>(cellulose pulp)

Stock Treatment de Massa (cellulose pulp)

New mix of adsorbents including an unprecedented synthetic microparticle.
Process water treatment

Process water treatment

Segregation of complex waste streams, preventing discharge into effluents.
<span class="eng">Machine felt cleaning</span> <span class="notranslate port">Limpeza de feltros de máquina</span>

Machine felt cleaning Limpeza de feltros de máquina

Thermodynamic equipment that integrates water, steam and chemicals to produce an “active” cleaning solution.

Process water treatment

Solutions for the treatment of process waters, improving productivity, reducing costs and preserving the environment.

Our Commitment

We believe that innovation takes daily work – an unbroken routine.

We focus on continuously helping companies to not get misled by blind spots. We support organizations to bring out the best from their processes in order to achieve their best productivity and highest returns.

Ecosign - Global Technology for a sustainable future

Our way of solving complex problems

Innovative solutions

Innovation is also a cultural premise. Our patents and projects reflect our performance in offering constant innovation.

Agile processes

Through agile processes, the company solidifies and strengthens our organizational culture and common language to attain performance results and standardized methodology that quickly add value to its clients.

Services and support

In addition of supporting clients with high-quality maintenance, providing the best service practices and offering technical application, the company also offers quick answers to daily problems.

Return on investment (ROI)

Ecosign is committed to providing its clients with effective solutions by analyzing critical operational processes, production data and raw materials that could compromise the production process. By doing so, it ensures certain return on investments.

Client testimonials

Our success figures

Of the world’s largest P&P groups are served by Ecosign
Patented systems installed worldwide
Years of experience in the pulp and paper industry
Countries covered by our proprietary technologies

Our differential

Ecosign is supported by Contech, strengthening our proposition of delivering financially viable and sustainable solutions.

Ecosign promotes an innovative environment, generating ideas that create value for clients by showing that our patents and projects reflect our performance in offering constant innovation.

Ecosign hones in on the causes and effects of the milling process, in order to achieve better production results.

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    Ecosign builds sustainable projects in a two way information drive with her clients, assuring satisfaction.

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    Every client requires a direct and customized view of each step of the way.

    Great results

    Are team works day and night to deliver not only project goals, but true results.

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